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Hi, I'm Stacy, lifelong bookworm and avid bookhunter!

Growing up an introvert in a lively Italian-American family, reading was my sanctuary, and books became a part of who I am. I have loved reading my entire life. And as much as I love the act of reading itself, hunting for books, browsing bookstore shelves slowly and methodically is a true form of meditation, and something I do on a regular basis! 

Throughout my literary life, I have found particular meaning and joy in recommending books to others that I've especially loved, and that I think they will love too. But there's something important that I want you to know: I'm a very picky reader. And this is why I consider myself a book hunter, and not simply a book buyer. Just because a book is an international bestseller or the pick of a popular book club is not a guarantee that it will be at the top of my list -- or yours. I've learned to scrutinize a book, to delve deeper than the bestseller statistics or automated "read this next" recommendations. So that time spent reading, which can often be fleeting, is time spent with something impactful.  

Books are only a haven if you truly enjoy what you are reading, or are moved in some way by the story, or best of all, if you become completely absorbed in your current selection. And that's what sparked me to create Paperback Sanctuary. I want to get an engrossing book from my hands to yours, in the hope that it inspires you to carve out a few moments of escape in your day, every day, month after month. 

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