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  • How do you know what I'll like?
    Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email with a link to our Reading Preferences survey, where you can share more details about your literary favorites! There's even a spot to share your Goodreads profile. We'll consider all of this as we select your book every month, so the more detail you can provide about your likes (and dislikes), the better!
  • How do I submit my reading preferences?
    You'll receive a link via email to our Reading Preferences survey once your purchase is complete. Never received the email? Let us know:
  • Can I change my reading preferences?
    Of course! Send us an email and we'll get the ball rolling on that.
  • What type of books will I receive?
    We source previously loved books that are in excellent condition. You may receive the occasional hardback or brand-new book, but most of our books are paperbacks in like-new condition.
  • When can I expect my book to arrive?
    Books ship the 20th-22nd of each month via USPS Media Mail, and should arrive within 3-8 days, depending on where you are in the United States. I want your book to arrive in time for the start of the new month! First-time subscribers: New subscriptions activate once your completed Reading Preferences survey is received. Please allow two weeks for me to select your first book and get it shipped. Subsequent books will ship according to the above schedule. It's important to select a book that is well-matched to your reading tastes, and if it's not on my shelves, I need time to source it.
  • How do I purchase a gift subscription?
    Please click here to purchase a gift subscription, and be sure to refer to the instructions on that product page as you complete your purchase. Once completed, we will email you a customized gift certificate that you can print or email for your recipient, which includes instructions on how they activate their subscription. Please allow two business days for the personalized certificate. If you have any questions, or are in a gift-giving time crunch, please email Stacy:
  • I received a gift subscription! How do I activate that?
    Hurray! Welcome to Paperback Sanctuary, I'm so happy you're here! You should have received an email from us notifying you of your gift, and including a link to our Reading Preferences survey. Please contact me at if you did not receive this email. Once your Reading Preferences survey is complete, your subscription is activated, and you can look forward to your first book arriving shortly. Please allow two weeks for your first book to be selected and shipped; subsequent books ship the 20th-22nd of the month. It's important to select a book that is well-matched to your reading tastes, and if it's not on my shelves, I need time to source it.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Currently, Paperback Sanctuary only offers shipping in the United States only. For international customers, I am happy to work with you to offer a customized reading list at a reduced rate from our monthly subscriptions, based on your reading tastes (books not included). Please email me for more details, and to get the process started!
  • What's your policy on returns and exchanges?
    It's my goal to get a great book into your hands, month after month. So if one of your books isn't quite the right match, please let me know! I'll swap it out for something else, and work with you more closely for future selections. No need to return the book, please pass it along to someone who might enjoy it. To start the exchange process, please email me at Please note, one exchange per three month subscription. Additional shipping charges apply.
  • Will I be charged for taxes and shipping?
    Shipping is free with every subscription. All books ship media mail rate within the United States. Paperback Sanctuary is based in San Diego, California and local taxes are applied to each purchase upon checkout.
  • How will I be billed?
    Subscriptions are billed once a month, every month, for the duration of your subscription. Your subscription will not auto-renew (although we hope you will renew when your subscription ends!) Pay-in-full subscriptions are available. This option is charged in full at time of purchase, and you will receive one book a month for the duration of your subscription option. We accept a variety of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and other credit cards. Your statement should indicate "Paperback Sanctuary" for the subscription charge.
  • Does my subscription auto-renew?
    No, your personal book shopper does not like that practice, but would of course, love to continue selecting books for you! If you'd like to continue the booklove, simply purchase a new subscription here. Returning customers do not need to complete a new reading preferences survey, but you are welcome to update your survey if you'd like. To do so, email Stacy:
  • My subscription period ended. How do I renew?
    Hurray, we'd love to keep curating books for you! To renew your subscription, just place a new order here, like you did when you were a new customer. As a returning reader, you should have received via email a discount code to apply towards your next subscription purchase. You do not need to fill out a new Reading Preferences survey, but if you would like to update yours, please email me at
  • How do I cancel a subscription?
    Alhtough I really hope you won't, you may cancel your subscription without penalty at any time while your subscription is active. If you are unsatisfied in any way with your subscription, or simply would like to cancel, please email me. I would love to work with you to make your experience with Paperback Sanctuary a joyful one. Email:
  • Still have questions or need more information?
    Contact Stacy with any questions (or even just to say hi, I love hearing from you)!
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