Gift Subscription

Gift Subscription

A Paperback Sanctuary subscription is the perfect gift for book lovers in your life! Once you purchase a three-month subscription, we'll work with your recipient to get a great book into their hands customized to their personal reading tastes, month after month! 


Gift recipient receives one book a month for three months; purchaser is auto billed once a month for three months. If you prefer to pay in full, click the links below.


3 Months Pay in Full

6 Months Pay in Full (7% discount included)


Please see important GIFT HOW-TOs below for step-by-step purchase instructions. Still have questions? Email Stacy:



    All subscription books ship free in the United States. For details on our store policies, shipping and returns, please see our FAQ page


    Please follow these steps for your gift purchase:


    1. Click the gift subscription duration in the price options box and then click the buy now button.  


    2. Important: for Shipping Details, enter PURCHASER's email address (yours) in the first box, then GIFT RECIPIENT's name and mailing address. (The order confirmation will be automatically sent to the email address listed in the first mandatory field box in this step, which in this case, we'd like to be the purchaser.) For Phone enter PURCHASER'S phone number. 


    In the Shipping Details notes section, please leave the RECIPIENT's name and email address. This will not prompt an auto-email, it's just for our records.


    3. Delivery method: free shipping is automatically selected.


    4. Enter PURCHASER's payment details, and be sure to uncheck the box "billing address/same as shipping". Then enter purchaser's information under billing address, and complete your purchase.


    Once your purchase is complete, we will email you a customized gift certificate that you can print or email for your recipient, which includes instructions on how they activate their subscription. Please allow two business days for the personalized certificate. 


    If you have any questions, please email Stacy: 


    Currently, Paperback Sanctuary only offers shipping in the United States.

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